Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter – Stand Up Desk Used as Computer and Monitor Stand – Ultra Slim Stunning Design – White – 31″x22″

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter – Stand Up Desk Used as Computer and Monitor Stand – Ultra Slim Stunning Design – White – 31″x22″

Discover new way to boost your productivity!

Have you known that it is enough to just change your working position to increase your productivity? When you stand, brain cells turn on the active mode and the likelihood of errors decreases. That’s why we created a standing computer desk with adjustable height – a new way to work more effectively and take care of your health!

Key benefits:

  • 2-in- 1: both standing and sitting raisable desk;
  • Lightweight and easy to carry;
  • Takes little space;
  • Stable surface and bottom.
  • 24/7 support

    Sit-stand workstation

    In order for you to work more efficiently, you have to change your position from sitting to standing. That’s why we created an ergonomic adjustable desk that can be easily turned into a regular one. Whenever your feet are tired, you can readjust it and keep working!

    Easy to carry

    We understand that a lot of people don’t want to leave their standing desk at home when they travel. So we made our small stand up desk-converter easy to carry and transport. You can literally take it with you everywhere!

    Saves space

    This white standing desk doesn’t only make your office look stylish and modern. It also saves you a lot of space so you can put additional decorations, a whiteboard or even another desk.

    Stable surface and bottom

    Square bottom is what makes our best sit-stand computer desk stand stable and firm. We also made sure that the surface does not shift when you readjust the mode of your computer elevation stand from sitting to standing.

    24/7 support

    We like to get feedback from our clients. We also love answering questions about sit-stand elevated work station because it helps us understand what should be improved and upgraded. Updezk has a team of support agents who will gladly guide you through any detail of the monitor stand for desk.MODERN AND STYLISH DESK RISER. Updezk standing desk is a great solution for ergonomics. Also, it fits into every office, room, and conference hall. The stylish white color makes Updezk the best fit for Mac systems.
    ADJUSTABLE STANDING DESK. For the better and more efficient work, we personalized our best height adjustable standing desk to your needs. Now you can adjust it to your height to find the most comfortable work position.
    STANDING WORKSTATION HANDLES UP TO 22 LBS. Though the surface of the raised workstation looks pretty thin, you can place up to 22 lbs at it. Desktop space: 22 x 31 inches.
    NO SHIFTING. You can easily turn the standing desk converter into a sitting one. It takes only several seconds, and there will be no shifting.
    2 YEARS WARRANTY. We would like for you to be proud of our sit stand raised workstations as much as we are. That’s why we offer 2 year warranty – no questions asked.

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