Mind Your Business

Mind Your Business

Mind Your Business aims to help its readers find balance in all aspects of life, stating, “We need to have a proper relationship with ourselves, giving love and respect to ourselves, freedom to express ourselves and complete self-acceptance.” Ms. Zina Brawer has put together her words and thoughts from her many years of experience as a healer, nutritionist, and Reiki master in many countries into a short read to guide you to improve your body and mind. While there are many self-help books out there with advice on diet, exercise, meditation, energy, and self-love and acceptance, rarely do we find a short and simple guide with all keys to achieve a more fulfilled and extraordinarily healthy life. I have personally benefitted and achieved my dreams from Ms. Brawer’s incredible healing powers of Reiki. She writes in her book, and would often whisper to me during our Reiki sessions, “The energy is available. The universe supports us!” Read Mind Your Business and “expand your mind, expand your dreams.” -Vanessa Mesia Actor

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